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2013 Banquet Flyer & Reservation Form for March 29, 2014 - click here

NOTE - READ THIS: Please be sure to cut the bottom half of your Banquet RSVP form where it WILL include your email address.  So sorry! We added email address to the form this year but forgot to move the dotted line up...  If you send us your email address, we will send you a confirmation reply email that your reservations & payment have been received.

Please send your reservation & payment ASAP.

ATTENTION 2012 Mounted Wanderer's Awards Banquet Perpetual Awards Winners!
Did you participate in our 2012 horse show circuit and take home a perpetual award at the Banquet held in April 2013?
If so, it's time to RETURN it! See the March 2014 Newsletter for details. If you can't remember, click here to see last year's winners of our

SPECIAL awards: - click here

March 2014 Newsletter:  Important stuff! Please read. - Click here

2013 Banquet Sponsor/2014 Advertising Form - Click here

2013 Banquet Sponsor Letter - Click here

2013 Awards Selection Form - click here

Lastly - Don't forget - if you wish to nominate someone for the 2013 Charlie's Cup Sportsmanship Award
please complete the form here and email to Kim Gladwell at

Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form - click here
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