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2015 Horse Show Circuit Dates Coming Soon!

Happy New Year To All!!
The 2014 points will be posted here very soon! Apologies to everyone - 2014 has just not been a good year for our 4-H Leader and Horse Show Circuit Manager, Ms. Kim.
In the 27 years that our club has held these shows Ms. Kim has NEVER been this far behind! Whew. Life has just been really hectic this past year! And of course - the Excel file ended up corrupted after the Sept HS points were posted so even though a save was done, still had to re-enter at least 4 pages (of the 8 pages) September show points before starting on the 8 pages for October! Good grief - what else???

Once points are posted, we will be auditing these points and by Feb 1 posting
a FINAL, Audited copy of the points. These will be the Year-End points we order the Banquet Awards from. So once Year-End points are posted take a look and send Kim an email with any questions you may have! We will again
be using an on-line form/system for folks to submit their year-end award choices in. A mailing will ALSO be sent to each 2014 CM address to relay that the FINAL, Audited Points have been posted and will include a copy of the Awards Choice Form so that you can mail in your award choices or get on-line and submit it.

Thank you all for your patience with the 2014 show points! 2015 will be a MUCH better year we hope or at least a back to normal year!

Also, just as soon as Ms Kim has finished w/ coordinating the set-up (break down) of the Maryland State 4-H Horse Program Booth at Horse World Expo in Timonium this weekend (Jan 16-18), we will be coordinating our 2015 show dates w/ Oak Ridge Park and with Judges. We will most likely be hosting only 4 shows this year during the months of May, June, Sept and Oct. Thinking of skipping those 2 really hot months of July and August. We will post our 2015 show dates after mid-February!

The 2014 Horse Show Circuit Awards Banquet
Saturday, March 28th, 2015

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2014 Circuit Membership Form - Click Here

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The Mounted Wanderer's 4-H Horse and Pony Club is located in Charles County, Maryland.  We specialize in the Horse and Pony project area.  Our club sponsors as many as five Horse Shows and a Year-End Horse Show Awards Banquet every year. All events are open to the entire Horse Community, you do not have to be a member of 4-H to attend any of our Horse Shows.  Mounted Wanderer's began sponsoring a Horse Show Circuit in 1987 and that circuit continues today. From the Fall of 1981 to the Spring of 2003 our club also hosted
yearly Trail Rides for all the local horse enthusiasts. 22 years is a long time to be in the Trail Riding business! We are currently evaluating the need for and locations to host additional rides in the future. We'll keep you posted on our plans! Our 4-H club is open to any youth eight to eighteen years of age.  We do accept "Clover Buds" - those kids ages 6 and 7. We hold a monthly business meeting on the first Tuesday of every month to go over the clubs events and discuss club goals and how to achieve them. We have fun activities, crafts and various
educational projects at our monthly meetings too. Of course, most things we do are centered around horses!Contact us via the email link if you would like additional information about joining our Horse & Pony  Club. For more information about many programs that Charles County 4-H has to offer, please click on our Links page and check out the

Charles County 4-H Web Site
Maryland State 4-H Horse Program:

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